Discover The Long Beach

Long Beach is home to beautiful ocean views, the famous Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and The Sanctuary by Wedgewood Weddings, a gorgeous chapel tucked away in the heart of Long Beach. Within this space, vintage meets modern in one of America’s most popular cities. Let’s explore more of what this incredible venue and location offer for anyone planning a Long Beach wedding.



The Sanctuary was built in 1939 and is a Historical Landmark by the City of Long Beach. With more than a century of change surrounding it, this stunning building has stood through the city’s growth.

Architect, Easton D. Herrald, took on the task of creating the third church to be built on this site since the original United Presbyterian Congregation was founded there in 1906. Inspired by English Gothic church stylings, Herrald designed a soaring chapel with stunning vaulted ceilings and decorative exposed wood beams in a gorgeous dark brown color and completed the look with hollowed-out archways and ornate stained glass windows. The space, inside and out, has white walls that make the colorful features of the venue stand out.

These architectural choices continue through to the East Wing of the venue in the grand hall. Stately vaulted ceilings, exposed wood beams, and stained glass windows bring beautiful touches of the chapel to this spacious reception space. The courtyard sits between the west and east wings of the venue, allowing for ease of movement in the area.

These splendid spaces provide a variety of enjoyment opportunities. Upon entering the property, visitors experience our grand alfresco courtyard. Surrounded by the chapel and grand hall, this space boasts rustic, wrought-iron accents and stained glass windows. The open-air design of the area takes you into another world beyond the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy an outdoor ceremony in the courtyard with an indoor reception in the chapel or grand hall, or share nuptials indoors with an outdoor cocktail hour in the evening.

If you’re curious about get-ready rooms, we’ve got you covered! In the west wing, you’ll find the first get-ready room where you or your partner can spend time preparing for your ceremony with your wedding party and VIPs. This gorgeous room features hardwood flooring and stained glass windows for extra privacy while making final touches. Upstairs, you’ll find the second get-ready room. Here you’ll have extra privacy while on the second floor of the buildings and ample lighting to finalize your look before heading down to the ceremony.

Easy flow between these spaces means you can stay on the property and enjoy your event with your guests all night long, allowing you to enjoy every single minute of your event.


The Sanctuary by Wedgewood Weddings is a short drive from the beachfront and Downtown Long Beach. Ever famous for its attractions and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, Long Beach is best known as host to RMS Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific. These fantastic sites are a little more than a mile away from The Sanctuary, making it an excellent spot for a destination wedding or a weekend of fun events and activities for you and your guests.

Before Long Beach became the fantastic destination it is today, it’s experienced history as long as the state of California itself. The beautiful coast was ample farming land for a century before development began in 1882. As real estate began to boom in the area, more and more visitors sought out Long Beach via the Santa Fe and Pacific Railroads. Originally named Willmore City, residents found that “Long Beach” captured the essence of what made this locale such a popular attraction.

With the addition of the Pacific Electric Trolley in 1902, the city of Long Beach experienced a big boom in the first decade of the century that would soon make it the famous Port of Long Beach that it is still known as today. As the city continued to grow throughout the next couple of decades, it would transform much of its architecture into an Art Deco styling in the 1930s, a bit of which visitors can still enjoy today.

Throughout the 20th century, the city of Long Beach experienced many historical changes and events that visitors can still enjoy today. From daring Red Bull events to the exciting Long Beach Grand Prix and the ever-popular convention center, there are several unique things to experience in this popular locale.

Visit Long Beach and The Sanctuary by Wedgewood Weddings to experience these excellent sites for yourself! Book your free tour today at 603-506-4447; we’re excited to show you everything this historic venue offers.